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Denver Tile Roof Repair Expert

Do you have a tile roof that looks a bit older than it really is? Cracked and broken tiles are very common, especially after a window cleaning, house painting, or solar panel installation. Unfortunately, many contractors do not own up to the damage or will not offer to repair them. Additionally, many tiles are discontinued after a couple years they’ve been manufactured, making it difficult to find the right tile for your repair.

Cairn Roofing Group is a leading roofing company in Denver that offers tile roof repairs. We have access to hundreds of discontinued tiles and can find the right ones that closely resemble yours. If you need a tile repair, you’ve just found your experts for the job!

Call us today at (720) 670-0265 to schedule a free inspection and to learn more about our tile roof repairs and your options. In addition to tile roof repair, we also specialize in asphalt shingle roofing.

Common Types of Tile Breaks

There are different ways your tile roof can be damaged. Here are common issues our team at Cairn Roofing Group can help you repair:

Full Tile Breaks

The job of the tile is to protect the underlayment from the elements. Once the underlayment fails, the roof is now compromised. A full tile break like this is considered a significant break and needs to be replaced.

Nail Breaks

Nail breaks may not look like a big deal, but the damage is actually coming from the hole where the nail is. At this point, the only thing keeping the tile in place is the weight of the tile above it, which isn’t a great option. When a nail break happens, the tile should be replaced.

Fractured Corners

Fractured corners are extremely common because the corners are the weakest parts of the tile. It may not be a significant break, but the biggest problem is that these corners can be dangerous in high-wind storms. Replacement is not necessary, but the removal of stray corners or cementing the corners down is recommended.

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